727 Plakat Ausstellung Forum Basel. Urbane Räume für gemeinschaftliches Leben
727 Axonometry

We proposed a minimal intervention, underneath the Basel Cathedral, where a small ferryboat docks to bring people across the Rhine. At this very point from which you can experience the great dimension of both the city and the landscape thanks to the river bend, the bank is currently shaped as a hill of earth and grass. While the opposite bank of the Rhine is rather flat and allows people to enjoy its southern orientation, the steep bank underneath the palatinate lies in the shade during most of the day.

Our project refers to Arnold Böcklin's painting 'Die Toteninsel'. Not only are we intrigued by the drama and mystery it conveys, but also fascinated by the juxtaposition of nature and architecture it illustrates.

Thus, we aimed to reinforce this significant site by means of an architectural intervention: a flight of large stairs rises between two adjacent volumes through the normally closed bank wall. In our opinion public space doesn't need to be crowded and engage as many people as possible. It's rather about the expression of a place: Publicness is an option, an offer, and an invitation to whomever.

  • Forum Basel. Urbane Räume für gemeinschaftliches Leben.
  • Ausstellung im S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum, 20.05. - 18.06.2017
  • Kuratoren: Andreas Ruby, Stéphanie Savio
  • Ko-Kuratoren: Plan Común, Kosmos Architects
  • Mitarbeit: Christoph Schmidt, Susann Vécsey